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Val Kilmer's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Val Kilmer

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[07 Jan 2007|10:59pm]


I hope they start showing this in my theater.
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[12 May 2006|01:18pm]

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[21 Mar 2006|09:43pm]

has anyone run into some wonderland icons? i can't seem to find them anywhere...
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It's not a good day. [08 Feb 2006|11:59am]

Soooo I guess everyone saw the Val Kilmer making out with Paris Hilton pictures.
Anyways, if you haven't they're on the superficial... www.thesuperficial.com
It's front page.

Oh.. Val.
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Squee :) [12 Jul 2005|07:50pm]

I met Val on SaturdayCollapse )
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message from Val on the offical website [08 Jul 2005|03:09pm]

Today I would like to convey my sincere condolences for the victims, their families and friends of the vicious attacks here today in London.

For those who have offered their prayers and concerns, I am fine. Thank you. What happened here was terrible and the feelings of 9/11 in the United States and today in London are similar. The British are amazingly calm and strong during all of this, sadly because of their history with terror. Nevertheless they grieve.

When 9/11 occurred, I was in New Mexico and immediately drove to be with my kids, my family. Absolutely we should never tolerate aggression in any way, still I am compelled to speak out and remind people that we should love more. As we struggle to make sense of events like today, we should also keep in our minds and hearts important memories of good and love like the July 2nd launch of "Live 8 -- Long Walk To Justice" that compels the world's richest nations to help the poorest. It is important to hold events of a higher purpose in greater esteem than these senseless attacks. It is to love, and love more, that truly deserves a voice.

Thank You and God Bless,
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Inside the Actor's Studio [27 Apr 2005|11:23am]

Val was on Inside the Actor's Studio on Bravo this morning at 5am. I tivo'd it and have watched it already twice. I will probably watch it again tonight. He is so funny. I didn't know that about him. It's an older broadcast, because the last movie he had completed was Red Planet.
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NOT AL GORE!! [06 Apr 2005|09:44am]

[ mood | amused ]

So I was looking up stuffs on Val Kilmer and I found this site:


Not only an actor but a talented newpaper reporter as well!! Truly he is an amazing man. >:D

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Wondering... [21 Nov 2004|12:19am]

By any chance, does anyone know where I can find the Real Genius trailer online? I've been looking for it all day...


P.S. I've tried imdb.com, and for some reason, it doesn't work properly. The video doesn't run smoothly, but the sound does...
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Val Kilmer [23 Oct 2004|03:44pm]

[ mood | happy ]

I hope everyone got the new American Way magazine because guess who's on the cover!

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The Saint [28 Jul 2004|09:55am]

Does anybody know where I can find some graphics from "The Saint"? I love that movie and can hardly find anything on it anywhere!
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tombstone shirt [24 Aug 2004|07:15pm]

i hope this is ok...

i made myself a shirt like this and wore it out and someone asked me to make them one, so i did, but then the deal fell through, so im looking to get this one off my hands since i dont need two of the same shirt. the front says "tombstone" in the font from the movie posters and whatnot and the back has a picture of val kilmer as doc holliday and says "i'm your huckleberry". the shirt is yellow and the paint is red (its acrylic mixed with textile medium) and the size is adult large. ive washed mine once or twice and it still looks good, but this one hasnt been washed yet since i painted it. im going to ask for $12 (just to cover costs, no profit), including shipping (unless you live somewhere really far away that requires a lot more for shipping), but this may be negotiable.

picturesCollapse )

comment here or email me (haloise at berkeley dot edu) with questions or if you are interested.

[cross-posted to buymydiy, diymarketplace, and tshirtsurg_sale]
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New Community... [21 Aug 2004|12:46pm]


Hey, I just wanted to announce this new community that my friend and I created.  It's for all those Top Gun fans out there, as well as fans of the other cast members.  Since Val Kilmer is one of the stars in the movie, I figured this would be a good place to announce..thanks for your time.



I hope to see some of you there!

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[06 Aug 2004|08:13am]

[ mood | happy ]

Yay, a Val community :D
Hey guys <3 I've been a fan of Val for a few years. I've just started joining communities on LJ ;.; I'm really glad to see that other people love him as much as I do :D

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SNL tape [06 Jun 2004|02:43pm]

I was wondering if anybody had a copy of the SNL that Val hosted. If you do, I'd be willing to pay for a copy of it. Please email me at:
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[29 May 2004|09:37am]

i met val a couple weeks ago- it was amazing!!
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Quizzes [16 Mar 2004|03:34pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Try these quizzes and see how you do...


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[28 Feb 2004|05:20pm]

[ mood | excited ]

hi. i'm a newbie. and a huge fan of mister kilmer. has anyone seen the trailer to his new movie spartan? if you haven't, you should. you can find it here. the official site reminds me of run lola run.

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*Sigh* [20 Feb 2004|12:41am]

[ mood | wounded ]

Whats your favorite val movie?

Oh yeah Hi I'm new. My Name is Angel.

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